How to Choose a Short Term Vacation Home Rentals in Dubai


People have increasingly taken to holiday homes or short term rental accommodation when it comes to planning for a vacation or even a short trip. Why? Using holiday apartments in Dubai gives you more space and flexibility and adds quality to the entire period of your stay in Dubai. Plus, short term rentals are more affordable and do justice to our stringent budget, it's a bonus when you plan a tour to slightly expensive destinations like Dubai.


Here’s a quick sneak peek at some of the most effective tips on how to get the best holiday rental apartment secured in Dubai!


Do your homework

Whether it’s your solo trip or you are traveling with your family, you ought to do your homework first. Find out which neighborhoods best suit your trip and provide easy access to transport and airports. One of the most important parts of your initial research is to check the rental apartment prices in Dubai. This will help you to recognize the value for money while reviewing different options. Be smart. Don’t travel at peak times if it isn’t urgent. Prices always skyrocket during that season. However, on the other side, cheap stuff calls for compromises. Make sure you are ready for what you got booked!


Clarity on criteria

Now every person has a different perspective of perfect accommodation. As a general rule, always take location, security, price, and incentives into consideration. You must be very clear on whether you want shared accommodation or a private villa, how many bedrooms you will require during your stay, the security of your neighborhood, transport access & links, nearby entertainment options, free wi-fi availability, heating & air conditioning facilities, small details such as locks on doors, availability of baby cribs/cots, elevator access, washing machine, etc., even priorities like staying or sharing accommodation with a female-only and obviously “price”..!

Depending on how you plan to travel, you must consider these factors. Make your list. Eliminate places that are not suitable for you. Narrow down your search to the most desired rental apartments that best suit your interests.


Never ignore the reviews

Reviews, reviews, reviews. Read them. They will help you discover whether the apartment is worth renting or not. Keep an eye on the tone of reviews. Many people don’t publish negative reviews on their websites and that means you are being kept aside from the real picture.


Take advantage of the photo gallery

More photographs mean more clarity and a better understanding of a particular apartment. It’s always a good idea to search for apartments where photographs showcase different rooms available to the renter. That will give you a better understanding of the layout of the apartment you intend to rent for your holiday home in Dubai.


Early is always better

You must always remember that the best available accommodation is always booked quickly. When you are done with your research and clear on your accommodation criteria, proceed to the next step as fast as possible – BOOK it. Get the booking done at least 3 months before traveling. That ensures you have your hands on the best accommodation available. But if you plan to travel to Dubai during the peak season, you need to find booking at least 6 months in advance. Sometimes, people even book their desired accommodation 9 months before traveling – just to be on the safe side. And yes, always go for popular booking sites. Popularity ensures trust. Some of the favorite sites for bookings are,,, Holiday Lettings, Bookings for you, Plum Guide, and Airbnb.