7 Ways to Improve your Airbnb Listings | Holiday Homes

Written by David Jaison

Dubai remains one of the top travel destinations in the Middle East. The city of skyscrapers and shopping malls has transformed itself from a desert outpost to a top tourist destination. So, there is a huge opportunity for the landlords to convert their property as a holiday home in Dubai. Therefore, for all those who own or manage holiday apartments in Dubai,  it's important to get your properties listed on Airbnb. Vacation rental in Dubai becomes easier with Airbnb -  a home-sharing website, where owners of non-furnished, furnished apartments, property management companies in Dubai, and property leasing agencies in Dubai can register and easily find potential guests within a few days.

Here we're listing out 7 amazing tips to improve your listing on Airbnb

1. Become a SuperHost on Airbnb

It seems easy enough, doesn’t it? Becoming a SuperHost in Airbnb puts you in the top bracket of hosts. SuperHosts are well-experienced hosts that are a shining example for other hosts. If you become SuperHost on Airbnb it means you are more likely to rank higher in Airbnb search results, putting your property listings at the top of the pile.

Airbnb regularly monitors the current SuperHost reviews and listings and they also regularly review other listings\hosts to find a new SuperHost.

Eligibility criteria to become a SuperHost:

  • Hosted at least 10 trips
  • Maintained a 90% response rate or higher
  • Maintain an average review rating between 4.2 - 5-star 
  • Host each of your confirmed reservations without any cancellation

2. Fast response:

Anyone handling Airbnb or other OTA's knows that inquiries, questions, or bookings can arrive at any time. So you have to respond to each and every inquiry within 24 hours in order to maintain high response rate on Airbnb.

3. Complete Host Profile:

Your host profile makes the first impression that your guests will have of you and your listings on Airbnb. Make sure that your profile in Airbnb is short and sweet. Take enough time to complete your host profile. Going the extra mile to create a perfect profile can help you to gain more reservations. In fact, some studies show that host profiles have a significant impact on perceived trustworthiness for guests.

4. Take Great Pictures:

When it comes to listing a property on Airbnb or any other property rental site properties picture matter a lot. Before taking pictures of your property, take your time to arrange everything as if you are hosting your first guest.

Here are some tips for taking high-quality photos:

Add a variety of photos
Resolution matters the most
Arrange the scene
Take photos during the day time
Highlight top amenities
Showcase accessibility features

Pro Recommendation: Airbnb’s minimum resolution is 1024 x 683px and you need to have at least five photos to be shown in search results.

5. Description:

Whether you’re renting out your vacant bedroom to budget travelers or renting an entire luxury apartment to corporate guest then your Airbnb page is essentially a sales page. so writing the best description for your listing is a heavy task! while writing the description make sure that you mentioned each room, amenities, features, size, and location.
Finally, double-check grammar and spelling errors. You’re not going to get any bookings by having perfect spelling or grammar, but a noticeable mistake can make a negative impact on your listing.

6. Enable Instant Booking:

Enabling instant booking options to help the guest to make the reservation on your property without host approval if the property is available on the dates which guest chosen. Airbnb offers the filter option to sort out the properties which are available for instant booking.

It's the time of millennials they don't want to wait too long for getting the approval from the host, They run behind instant solutions. If you’re worried about the chances of getting double bookings, then you can use a channel manager or a PMS to avoid this.

7. Always request the review:

Always remember to request a review from each of your guests. Ask them if there is anything you could need to improve or if anything wasn’t up to their expectation. 90% of consumers read reviews before their online purchase. Additionally, reviews help you to improve your service quality. 

People prefer Airbnb because they get an authentic neighborhood experience by having localhost. By putting in an extra effort and securing the SuperHost status, selecting the best pictures, keeping the listing updated, and paying attention to the reviews you can improve the number of bookings significantly. 


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